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Your customers. Our knowledge.

Today, more than ever, your customers expect a successful outcome to every interaction. Whether it’s an issue resolved, a question answered or a process executed, our experienced team will always prioritise efficient, friendly and reliable customer service. Because at Delta Services we know that your business grows with every satisfied customer.

Automated Customer Data Processing

Delta Research provides advanced (EDP) Electronic Data Processing to help you quickly and efficiently process large amounts of information to automate your customer interactions. This includes switch management, online billing and database analysis to help you to streamline your operations.

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Telephone and mail support

We provide services such as telephone and mail support on behalf of our clients. Our continuously trained employees support our clients’ customers competently with advice and action. At the same time, we are flexible enough to quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients, supporting you as your business grows. Our telephone support teams are always available for telemarketing, telesales, customer support, or any other services. For you that means: one contact, no complications.

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Market Research

Delta Research has ample experience in data analysis and evaluation of information about products, competitors and customers online. We call this unique approach “public research”. Our team of analysts research the Internet and a large number of databases for information and research, helping our clients improve customer care, product development and their market positioning.

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Software Development

Our software takes care of key aspects of your business, including CRM, data management, automatic invoicing and secure payments. We tailor-make solutions that adapt to your needs and budget. Big or small, our software can take care of every challenge.

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IT Services

Delta Research provides expertise and support for all your IT needs, from technical installations to design and implementation of websites and databases. Our dedicated IT service teams are available to help you 24/7.

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Receivables management and debt collecting

Delta Research takes care of collection support throughout the invoicing cycle, giving you the freedom to concentrate your time on other aspects of your business. Our Customer Care teams provide all the necessary interactions to speed-up process and protect your turnover. Our services include generating and sending invoices, monitoring payment, sending reminders and debt collection. We focus on pre-collection activities based on continued direct contact with debtors throughout the payment period and our flexible interfaces ensure secure and speedy transfer of data.

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